Professional singing instructor in the San Diego CA area

Susan Simmons is a singing instructor that has been providing comprehensive vocal lessons in the region of San Diego CA for the past 12 years. Her extensive experience represents an opportunity for people that need voice lessons to exercise their talent in a unique and supportive setting, with the help of her exceptional musical and pedagogical skills. Her mission is to provide excellent spiritual, intellectual and physical virtues during hers courses of classical singing lessons in a nice and welcoming studio.

She gives every customer the opportunities to participate in music festivals, as well as, a variety of extracurricular activities. Her studio had been founded in 2000, and has enrolled many residents of San Diego CA ever since. Each one of her clients had participated in comprehensive singing lessons over the years. Such programs encompass the cultivation of sight-singing, vocal technique, music theory and ear training disciplines. In addition to that some clients also take participation in several concerts each year, with a prior selection.

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Susan Simmons has a high level of proficiency in vocal pedagogy, training as well as experience in working with people and music educating. She will make you admire music the way she does once you enter her classes and will create an ability in you to work collaboratively with the other singing lessons members at the music studio. You can contact Ms. Simmons at (858) 349-8490 for a free consultation on any of her vocal lessons services. She will show you how to take care of your voice and explain you the basics you need to know in order to develop your voice capacity. Your complete satisfaction is her mission and goal. Call her today to set up an appointment.